Cork massage balls with cloth bag
Cork massage balls with cloth bag

Cork Massage Balls (Set of 2 + Cloth Carrying Case)

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Work out sore muscles, tension, and stubborn knots. Eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to clean, water and sweat resistant unfinished premium cork. This kit comes with two different sized massage balls, making even the toughest spots accessible. Plus, a natural cotton drawstring bag for easy on-the-go muscle relaxation.

Made for everyone from yogis to cross-country runners. The 1.9 Inch Rustic Mini Ball is perfect for Feet/Calves/Hands and the 2.5 Inch Rustic Classic ball for Upper Legs/Glutes/Back/Shoulders.

• Great for on-the-go

• Eco-Friendly

• Made in Chicago

• Woman Owned Brand