Introducing Shop Empathic

Shop Empathic Small-Batch Wellness

It’s only right that our first blog post introduces our brand and mission. Learn more about us below and make sure to follow our social media accounts to join our community as we grow together! At Shop Empathic, we truly believe we are stronger and better together.

What is Shop Empathic?

Shop Empathic is an online boutique that caters to any and all empaths looking to live a more mindful life. We carry curated products from mostly small-batch brands with a positive social impact. We are inclusive to all and focus on building a community of empathic people that help to build each other up. 

Why ‘Empathic’?

When you Google the word ‘Empathic’, it is defined as ‘showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.’ The word ‘Empathic’ stood out to us during the global pandemic as we saw people coming together to listen, learn, educate, reflect, heal, and grow as a community. It was a reminder that we still have a lot of growing and healing to do, but when we do things with good intentions, help and support others, take care of ourselves and our planet, that we truly are stronger and better together.

What We Believe

We believe in authenticity, that self-care and mental wellbeing is a priority, and being kind never goes out of style. We know self-care changes daily and isn’t always bath bombs and yoga classes (although those are some of our favorite things). We believe in mindfulness and offering our customers products to create their own at-home oasis to help them live a more happy, mindful, and sustainable life (even through all of the chaos). We will use our social media and blog platforms to learn and grow together.

Products/Brands We Carry

Our online store is packed with a variety of products! You can browse categories of Home & Kitchen, Bath & Beauty, Food & Drink, Yoga Props, and Accessories. As we continue to grow, we will also add to our product offerings list and will be launching new categories soon, stay tuned! Most of the brands we carry are sustainable, small-batch, and have a positive social impact. We take the time to research and learn more about the brands that we carry, so everything you see in our shop really is near and dear to our hearts.

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